About This Project

Our very own Pulsar house concept served as the basis for the development of Glass Resort in Rovaniemi.


The first phase of the resort, comprising  a total of 14 apartments, was inaugurated in December 2017 . It successfully completed its first touristic hi-season the following spring. The second phase of the development saw an 80% increase over the initial accommodation capacity. It also included a restaurant and additional facilities for visitors and staff.


Design features


The design of the wooden buildings of the resort is strictly contemporary. Fully glazed walls and roofs offer spectacular views of the northern skies and of the surrounding nature.


The aspiration to create a group of buildings that could re-imagine holiday accommodation in Lapland guided this project from the beginning. The starting point was to conceive apartments where comfort, generosity of space, and compelling views towards the surrounding forest and sky would be central themes of the design.


This buildings represent an evolution of the glass igloo type accommodation. This trend raised to popularity in Lapland during the last few years. Deviating from the established igloo model, Snowman World Glass Resort offers more space and extra comforts. Moreover, the design is connected to the architectural language of original Lappish construction traditions. The shape of the buildings gives interest to the interior spaces. The full height and fully glazed living area provides a striking feature.


The space of the apartments develops vertically along a fully glazed facade and towards the roof, made entirely of glass. The effect creates a fully immersive atmosphere, stretching out the double height interior space towards the landscape and the sky above.


Each apartment is approximately 40 sqm. It includes a living area, mini-kitchen, sauna and upstairs loft. Each unit is also equipped with a private outdoor Jacuzzi tub.


The project was developed in partnership with Finnish house manufacturer Honkatalot.

Snowman World Glass Resort
Snowman World Glass Resort
Snowman World Glass Resort
Snowman World Glass Resort
Snowman World Glass Resort

Pulsar is part of Studio VOID Collection, a collaboration between VOID Architecture and Finnish house manufacturer Honkatalot.

Project type

Holiday Resort


Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi. Lapland

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Architecture, Hospitality